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About Us.

We’re easy to get to know because we are local.

Our Restaurant

Serving 124 Street since 2011

We think food should come from the heart. That’s why we make everything in house – even our burger buns, 

Homemade food means we make small batches of our custom recipes of hearty, healthy, and tasty dishes.

We love rabbits (obviously) and all other animals too. To us that means leaving animals off our plates. We hope you’ll find ways to leave animals off your plate too; we can help you find ways to continue to enjoy your favourite flavours and dishes.

A Few Words About Us

Café with a purpose - we like to have fun too!

We are eagerly building community with plant-based eating, animal rights, foodies, small local businesses in Edmonton.

Call 780-455-4500

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Our Food Policy

All of our foods are plant-based.

We offer gluten-friendly dishes, however we serve gluten on the premises.

Our Core Values

The Clever Rabbit values caring for others – we are inclusive, accessible, and vocal for animal rights.