The Clever Rabbit

We offer delicious homestyle vegan breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Delivery or pickup from Edmonton's vibrant 124th Street.
open burger on a plate with bright red tomato
We make great food for everybody. That's why we make sweet food, savoury food, breakfast food, lunch & dinner food, date food and family food. Now offering gluten-friendly meals, and we always make everything 100% plant-based so you can invite all your friends for dinner.

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“Friendly staff, fast service, and located in a trendy area of Edmonton”

– Alexis Raas

The Eats

Sit Down Service

A colourful social space on hold - come for a bite.

Sly Fox Vegan Butcher

Available in pre-portioned fast takeout of sausages, cold-cuts, roasts, hot wings, ginger beef and more. Did somebody say "charcuterie?"

Getting Here

The 124 Street Area of Edmonton boasts a seasonal Farmers Market, with a small park and year-round events. With nearby park space, art galleries, and craft shops, this area has something for everyone.

You are welcome to bike to our establishment, park in the street or park in the back.

Our Sweet History

Great for everybunny, we are well-known for a massive nanaimo bars in fresh flavours like blueberry-raspberry, ginger-caramel-pear, mint, and many more!

From Cherry Cola Donuts to Cotton Candy Cookies, we like to have fun in the kitchen, and we can’t wait to share our creations with you.

Giant Nanimo Bars with green middle, white frosting, caramel drizzle on top.
Donut hole topped cupcake with marshmellows